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Starting to think about college can feel like entering a big, confusing maze:  you’re aiming for an uncertain goal in the center, and you’re not sure which way to turn to get there.

The aim of this website is to break the process into manageable chunks and to empower you to reach higher in your educational pursuits than you would have previously imagined possible.

The experience can be fun and exhilarating. You will be playing out the motto of the Reach High Scholars Program to control your destiny.

Colege maze

Fast Facts about the Reach High Scholars Program

  • In past 11 years, 53 RHSP members have gone to highly resourced colleges
  • Most of them have financial aid with small amounts of debt and need-based scholarships and grants of up to $69,000 per year that, over four years, will have a total value of over $7.1 million
  • RHSP members have received financial aid for summer programs totaling over $862,000 from Summer Enrichment partners (Brown, Dartmouth, Phillips Exeter and St. Paul’s)
  • Contributions from charitable institutions and individuals to RHSP and its summer partners total $330,000
  • From 2011 to 2018, 6.8% of RHS graduates (all members of RHSP) went to highly resourced colleges. Based on available information, only two NH high schools have done better
  • Of the 94 active participants in RHSP now attending or graduated from college, nearly all are:
    - on track to complete in four years;
    - excelling academically and many have better grades than they did at RHS;
    - graduating with debt of not more than $20,000-30,000; and
    - going on to excellent graduate programs and jobs.

Testimonials from Reach High Scholars alumni/ae:

"The Reach High Scholars Program inspired me to be the best student that I could be on a daily basis. I was developing a sense of where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be.  It made a huge difference in where I am today. I learned from RHSP that the price tag is no means what you pay. I have modest government loans and I am responsible for about $1,000 per year."

Charlie DeBenedetto (RHS 12, Hobart & William Smith ’16)

"RHSP gave me the resources to be prepared for the college process. It helped to identify the right questions to explore and how to answer them."

Abbey Schlangen (RHS ’12, Trinity ’16)

“One of the key premises of RHSP is that it can be done from Raymond.  It is possible for students from Raymond High School to attend highly competitive colleges at an affordable cost.”

Jonathan Lemay (RHS ’11, Skidmore '15)

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