Additional Selected Colleges

The Colleges listed below are all very good. Many of them do not have sufficient Endowment per Student to support significant need-based grant aid. Others (that may have sufficient endowment) are at a considerable distance from Raymond.

To find a college, in Windows click Control + f, on a Mac click Command + f, and then type the college's name in the search box.

New York University (77)
University of Florida (77)
Univ. of Cal. Davis (75)
Univ. of Cal. Irvine (75)
Univ. of Cal. San Diego (75)
Boston University (72)
Univ. of Texas (72)
University of Wisconsin (72)
Northeastern University (70)
University of Miami (70)
Purdue University (69)
Santa Clara Univ. (69)
Villanova University (69)
Syracuse University (68)
Univ. of Pittsburg (68)
Penn State University (67)      
Univ. of Connecticut (67)
Fordham University (66)
George Washington Univ. (66)
Southerm Methodist Univ. (66)
Univ. of Massachusetts (66)
Univ. of Vermont (58)
UNH (55)
Liberal Arts Colleges
Soka Univ. of America (81) 
Pitzer (78)
Whitman College (73)
Rhodes College (71)
Furman University (71)
Agnes Scott College (69)
Lawrence University (68)
Reed College (68)
St. John's College (68)
Sarah Lawrence College (68)
St. Olaf College (67)
Wofford College (66)
Knox College (64)
Willamette University (64)
Bennington College (63)
Beloit College WI (62)
College of the Atlantic (58)
St. Anselm College (57)
Stonehill College (55) 

Total: 42

*The scores (in parenthesis) are from USN&WR, Best Colleges, 2021 Edition, on a scale of 100 as the highest, and are based on: Outcomes (40%); Faculty Resources (20%); Expert Opinion (20%); Financial Resources (10%); Student Excellence (7%); and Alumni Giving (3%). About 196 colleges have scores of 60 or above. Only Princeton and Williams have scores of 100.